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Est. 1979

I am the owner of David’s Meat Market, I come from a very distinguished line of meat cutters, embedded history in the local area.  My grandfather, David Harris, the original, known for his perfect cuts, and his spectacular seasonings, is a master at his craft. David started in the meat business in 1966 as an apprentice meat cutter and opened his first store in Dallas in 1979 with his wife Pat.  They opened the store in Garland in 1982.With pride and master craftsmanship the staff at David’s Meat Market assures the customer of the finest ingredients and cuts in Dallas.  David has won numerous awards for his cuts and sausage.

I am David’s grandson Devon, I was raised in the store and worked my way up from entry level, to cashier, to manager, and now I am the proud new owner of our family business! He dedicated his career to client satisfaction, he always says, “…Whatever is the BEST for the client!!”  We may bring some state-of-art look and feel, but we are definitely keeping the same quality service and mentality. After all, we are in business because of our clients

Our Specialized Team

Jack Richards

General Manager

Devon McDougall


Karen Choi

Catering Specialist

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5 Star Service

We have raving reviews in every direction from the online reviews, the social media reviews, the awards, and the newspaper, we have quality across the board.

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Meal Ideas

We have our own seasonings for a reason! We know how to deliver a great meal! Ask our friendly staff to pair some examples together for you on your next visit!